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Tourist Animation

Important part of our activity is to give information, professional consultation and realization of musical and artistic programs suitable for your hotel or restaurant.

Tourist animation is comparatively new in the this sphere that's why we are trying to offer original tourist product and to show the best of Bulgaria – its traditional culture and folklore.

For successful realization of our tourist products we founded our folklore formation "Folk Artiste".

To present our options "Morning in the Valley of the roses" and "Party with roses" we created our own rose fields near Karlovo , which is situated in the famous Valley of the Roses.

It is well known fact that nowadays people do not pay only for rooms and food , but they pay for interesting and new experiences. The more personal and unique the experience is the more satisfied people would be . There are so many hotels and restaurants. They are everywhere. But if the experience is different and unexpected they will remember it forever.

We are ready to create different strategy for every client

Animation outside the hotel

  • Morning in The Valley of the roses

To organize this event you have to arrange a day and hour in advance. It has to be in May and June when the oleaginous roses bloom. We will take you in a beautiful little village near Karlovo among the rose and lavender fields. We meet our guests with traditional Bulgarian bread and rich authentic Folklore program. To create an unforgettable memory for our guests we will continue with the competition for the best rose-picker ,, tasting of rose jam and liqueur . Our guests can also witness the old tradition of extracting the rose oil. There will be a mini-market of natural rose products . Every year in May there is a Rose festival in Karlovo. with Procession in Karlovo and a competition for Queen of the roses.




  • One day in the spa capital of Bulgaria

This option combines visiting of Velingrad,, famous for its thermal springs , introducing to old local crafts and traditions / decorating of Easter eggs, weaving etc./ The Tourists can also take advantage of some balneological procedures in luxurious Spa hotels:

- Relaxing baths with rose, lavender or mint

- Herbal Underwater massage

- Jacuzzi with "Rupi"

- Underwater massage with seaweed "Talso"

- Wellness Therapy " exotic waterfall"

- Massage with hot volcanic stones etc.



  • A Song from the mountain of Orpheus

This program includes visiting the Bachkovo Monastery , Pamporovo mountain and ski resort and Shiroka laka village. This village is famous for its unique architecture . There is also a Collеge for Folk music and dancing. Tourists can taste traditional food from Rhodopy mountain and enjoy wonderful folklore music.















  • Thracian kings wine

You can taste the best Bulgarian wines. Why not to give this wonderful experience of elegance and stylish atmosphere to your friends, partners or guests.














Animation in the hotel

  • Party with roses - our trade mark

If you want to visit the Valley of the Roses and to learn more about it , but you can not afford to do it, we can come to you and recreate this unique atmosphere . This party is a combination of visual beauty and fragrance. And because the valuable things in life are rare we can organize this party only when the oleaginous roses bloom - between 20 May and 20 June. This fairy-tale of roses and music is very appropriate for:

- Presentation of fashion and cosmetic articles

- Opening of exhibitions

- Receptions etc..




  • Balkan Party

Unforgettable performance of Greek, and Serbian dances, Russian ballads, oriental belly-dances. Competitions for Mister and Miss Belly dancer. Conferencier of the competition. We can provide oriental costumes if you like to take part in the competition.

  • Latino Party

Latino dances performed from professional dancers , dancing lessons, conferencier, and competitions for Mr. and Ms, Latino. Special prizes for the winners.

  • Evening of Bulgarian Folklore

Wide variety of traditional folklore programs – music and dances.

  • Bulgarian sedianka

We will arrange a special folklore corner , prepare traditional Bulgarian meals, wear traditional Bulgarian costumes and show you specific working activities from the past , singing and dancing.





  • Evening of Bulgarian traditions and crafts

Theatrical demonstrations of old Bulgarian customs, specific events and traditions – Koleduvane, Gergiovden etc.

  • Day of Bulgarian crafts

Lessons for Bulgarian embroidery, knitting, crochet, decorating of Easter eggs, pottery etc.

  • Evening of Opera and classical music

Opera singers and camera orchestra will perform favorite arias and popular classical music for creating wonderful atmosphere .

  • Bulgarian dancing lessons

Two or three day lessons from professional teacher and accompaniment of professional players.